What you need to know about the US Opioid Crisis

Monday, March 2 at 7:00 pm

Want to know more about the current opioid epidemic?
Want to be able to recognize the signs of opioid use disorder?
Want to understand opioid addiction, and learn ways to manage an opioid overdose?

Students from RIOT (Rutgers Interdisciplinary Opioid Training) will present an overview of the current US Opioid Crisis and discuss Opioid Use Disorder, Overdose Management and Medication Assisted Treatments.

Registration is preferred, but not required.

Leap into Science STEM Workshops

Tuesday, February 25 at 3:30 pm (Preschool)

Wednesday, February 26 at 3:30 pm (Kids Club)

Thursday, March 26 at 3:30 pm (Tweens)

National Leap Into Science Week is February 24-28, 2020.  Join us for this science-themed workshop!

Air is everywhere – but how do we know it exists if we can’t see it? Air is most noticeable when we feel it in the form of wind. Wind can be a light breeze that blows our hair on a spring day, or a strong gust that knocks down trees during a powerful storm. We can also see air when it fills up space inside a bubble or a balloon.

View our online calendar for registration.

Tik Tok Dance Hall Workshop

Thursday, February 27 at 3:30 pm

This Tik Tok inspired workshop will offer your child the opportunity to explore new ways to move and the chance to create their very own Tik Tok dance.

If you have a child who loves to dance, this class will help them to develop their skills in coordination and musicality.

For kids in Grades 3+.

Registration is required. Click here for more information.

Winter Chair Yoga Workshop

Thursday, Feb. 27, 2:00 pm

This workshop will help ease tension in areas of the hips, shoulders, and back through simple repetitive motions.  Exercises will be performed while seated.  Presented by Brittany Cohen of Connect & Flow Yoga.

Registration is required.  Click here for more information.

Adult Craft Night – Create Your Own Outdoor Bird Feeder March 5th 6pm

Join us for a fun night of adult crafts with lots of laughs! This month’s craft will feature an outdoor bird feeder. It is perfect for hanging in your yard or it also makes a great gift! There is a $5.00 non refundable materials fee for this class due when registering. Please register in person at the Library’s Circulation desk. Registration closes Feb. 29, 2020

Getting to “You’re Hired!”: Once Upon a Resume

Thursday, February 20 at 2:00 pm

Drawing from her previous highly-lauded course designed for business leaders and graduate students in the Business Management and Leadership Division of the University of California, Donna Atkins demonstrates how participants can uncover gems from their life story to enhance their resumes, cover letters and answers to basic interview questions.

This workshop uses questions, activities and exercises to “mine memories” in order to recall events, people, places and experiences that may be valuable to use for those purposes. Includes workbook and handouts.

Registration is required. Click here for more information.